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Europe's migrant crisis and Donald Trump’s American Idiocy.

Europe's migrant crisis and Donald Trump’s American Idiocy.

These days we are having very bad news in Europe related with migration. In the latest weeks there have been hundreds of immigrants that have died in European beaches or in illegal refrigerated trucks that had the intention of crossing the Hungarian border. But, why is this happening?

One of the main reasons for this massive migration is the Syrian War, which is causing a lot of damage to the Syrian population. So to escape, they are crossing all Europe to get to countries, like Germany (which is really far from their homes) searching for help and trying to find a job. On their way they are losing a lot of members of their families, so in addition to the big effort they are doing, they are also having psychological problems. 

Europe, on the contrary, is trying to host as many refugees as it can, and a lot of countries are helping to find solutions for this issue: Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy… are accepting more refugees that they usually accept. Even celebrities and football teams are going to donate some charity help to these refugees.

Resultado de imagen de Donald Trump’s American Idiocy
However, in the USA, Donald Trump, an American politician of the Republican Party, has said really bad things about the issue of immigration and about all the things he has in mind about what he is going to do in the USA if he becomes president of the USA, which has shocked the rest of the world a lot. One of the measures that he is going to do is to pack up and expel 11 million people and untold numbers of American citizens of the USA for not being American or not being born in the USA. Another measure is that he wants to force Mexican people to build and pay for a 2,000-mile border wall, between the USA and Mexico to stop immigration...

By the way, all help is good to help Syrian refugees from their war and to try to stop their war and we also have to do as much as possible so that this American politician doesn't become president of his country. This year I have met a Syrian guy and he said that things are really bad, so I hope that this will finish soon.

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