domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

The Kimono, by Herbert Ernest Bates

by Herbert Ernest Bates

The Kimono tells us the story about a man called Arthur Lawson, who was going to an interview in order to get a job. When he finished it, he thought that he had got the job, so he decided to search for a hotel to rest. However, he couldn’t find it, so he went to a sweet shop to get some ice to stand the heat.

There, he met Blanche, a woman wearing a sensual kimono, who was the shop assistant of the shop. As it was late and he hadn’t found the hotel, Blanche let him sleep in the shop, because they were renting some rooms. They started going out, even though Arthur was married, and he fell in love with her. After a long time, Arthur left his wife and his job to work in the shop with her.

One day, Arthur discovered that Blanche made love with a lot of men and that she wasn’t in love with him. Nevertheless, he was so much in love with her (even blind of love) and the shop was doing well that it didn’t bother him. But then, Blanche’s father was released from prison and began to steal money from the shop and from Arthur.

In the end, he wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t seen Blanche in that sensual kimono and if he were still married to his former wife.