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lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017


The reason why I’m applying to study in the University of Edinburgh for doing my Erasmus year is because it will be the best opportunity to study abroad that I will ever have again.I chose particularly Edinburgh because the city brings me a lot of good memories and its magnificent university.

Six years ago and also this year I was there, and I can only say that nothing had changed during those years, it was as beautiful as I remembered it (except for the tram obviously). Both times I went with my father’s school for a week to Mackenzie School in Leith in order to improve my English. In the mornings we used to have classes and in the afternoon we took advantage to visit the city, or other cities, such as Stirling.

I also want to study in the University of Edinburgh because it’s considered to be one of the best universities in the UK, which I find really positive for my degree (English Philology). As I’m also studying French and German, I knew that Edinburgh University offers me more possibilities to continue learning them. However, the most important matter why I applied for this city is because I want to improve my English during my Erasmus year in order to be able to pass the exams for the Cambridge Certiicate of Proficiency in English (if it’s possible), which is most relevant for our degree.

IIn this university a high level of marks is required, which I find important in order to be competitive. However, doing the application we found a problem with a subject made specially for visiting students that was perfect for our degree, but that is now unavailable because it’s split up in two parts, I don’t know if it can be possible to change it, as it would be key in our degreeApart from this, I think there is a wide range of subjects to choose among, but I find really interesting those related to the Scottish culture. That's why I would like to attend them.

Finally, I feel that by doing this Erasmus I will improve my career options and give myself an even greater opportunity to work. Moreover, the fact of going to a city that I already know will give me more confidence to adapt myself as soon as possible.

lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Three events in my life

There are many events that have had a big effect on me. Most of them are related to languages, because I love learning them so much and I also consider them as the key that opens the door to a new world, culture and customs. It’s for this reason that I’m going to mention three of these events in which languages will be present.

The first event that influenced me was the moment when I decided to study French for the first time in my life. I was about ten years old when my father said one day “Would you like to study French with me? It will be funny!”. At that moment, I was really excited about the idea of studying a new language, besides English obviously, so I accepted. My father taught me the language for two years until the big day arrived. He told me that he wanted us, my brother and I, to go to a French secondary school in Málaga. However, in spite of passing the entry exam, the school told us that we couldn’t be in the class we should be regarding our age, because we hadn’t studied there before and it would be difficult for us to adapt to their level. Anyway, it was a positive experience and I consider that now I know why my father wanted us to have this experience, which had a big impact on me.

Secondly, I’ll write about the moment when I passed my English and French B2 exams at the Official Language School in Motril at the same time. I was in the last year of the secondary school with all the exams of “Selectividad” (the exams to enter the university) and I also had to study for my language school exams. I was really busy at that time and I had to do fourteen exams in eleven days. The exams at the language school consisted of four parts (Listening, writing, oral expression and reading comprehension) and you would have to resit other exams in September if you failed any of the parts. As I expected I passed some parts in June and fortunately the rest, in September. These two weeks were two of the hardest weeks in my life and it’s for this reason that I included them in this list.

Last but not least I’ll write about my first day at university. For this event, I don’t know why, but I was really nervous. Like many students in my class, I don’t live in Granada, but the difference is that I live a bit farther from Granada. In my case I live in Motril with my family. Therefore, the fact that I had to take a coach every day to go to university was one of the reasons why I was so nervous: I didn’t know if I would arrive in time or if I would stop at the correct bus stop. Moreover, the university is not a secondary school and there is a big change between them.

I hope you liked my three stories. See you soon!

jueves, 15 de junio de 2017


You have recently started working as a tourist guide in your area. You must now write a report for your boss, describing the area, discussing what it has to offer tourists and emphasizing both its good and bad points.

In this report I would like to offer Motril as an interesting tourist point. It is a city located in the south coast of Granada province between Torrenueva and Salobreña. Motril is not characterized by its trial sector. Instead, it has a valuable fishing fleet and a productive agriculture. This city is also special because of its humid tropical climate with warm winters and hot summers. All these things make Motril the perfect city to go sightseeing throughout the year.

First of all, I want to point out what Motril’s history can provide tourists. Motril’s first historical remains are Muslim. Their presence is reflected in the structure of the city i.e. in its narrowed streets. We can also see some remains of a wall built at that time. In addition, it is important to mention that Motril has two main churches. The oldest one, situated on top of a hill, was built in the 17th century and the newest, the most important one, which is situated in the city centre.

Another reason to come to Motril is its gastronomy. Considered a tropical city, it offers tourists a great variety of fruits. Some of them are avocado, custard apple or mango. Moreover, as Motril is next to the coast, it brings the opportunity to tourists to eat good-quality fresh fish. Restaurants and bars are the best places to taste all these typical Mediterranean dishes. Another option to try them would be buying all these fresh aliments in the market place.

Nevertheless, there also some bad points to take into account when visiting Motril. One of its main problems is pollution. People usually throw garbage on the streets, despite the fact that there are many waste containers and waste bins. Furthermore, due to its humidity in summer, people usually sweat a lot needing more water than normal. Another alternative to go to the beach or the municipal pool to refresh themselves. The last bad point about Motril is that people from there often speak very loudly.

To sum up, I consider Motril would be really interesting for tourists to know. Despite the fact that there is a lot of pollution in the streets, I think that its history, gastronomy, and climate make the city worth visiting. People who already got to know Motril were impressed to see it and think of coming back again.

sábado, 20 de mayo de 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child?

Being an only child is an issue that can provoke many opinions regarding the point of view you see it from. It is obvious that it can have many downsides, but these days there are many advantages that can come to our mind.

Thinking first about the advantages of being an only child, there may be many reasons for parents nowadays to have just one child. The very first advantage is the cost of the things: clothing, food etc. Another important advantage is that parents can dedicate more time to their children education, because they only have one. Moreover, there are more possibilities of doing activities together as there is more time to spend.

However, there are also many disadvantages for these children if they don’t have any siblings. I consider the most important issue is that they can’t socialize as much as children with brothers or sisters do. In addition to this, they cannot have fun when they’re at home, if their parents work. And the last but not least important is that they usually think more about themselves, being sometimes a bit selfish, as they aren’t used to sharing things with anybody.

Bearing in mind all these bad and good points I’m going to write about my own experience. In my case, I have a brother and I reckon that it’s really good to have him. We have similar ages and we have the opportunity of doing many things together. Both, my brother and I, play tennis every Saturday, go swimming three times a week and play computer games together. I also help him in his homework if it’s necessary because he’s younger than me and he wants to study the same degree as me. And what’s most important we get on well!