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Example of an application letter

Example of an application letter

Young people of 18+ to become activity instructor with an International summer school. Experience is not important, as training will be given. Love of sport, energy, enthusiasm and an ability to relate to young people is essential.

     Dear Sir/Madam.

     Following the recent advertisement in your website, I would like to apply for the position as an activity instructor.

     At present I am studying English philology at the University of Granada (Spain). One of the main reasons I am applying for this job is that I would like to improve my English and spend some time using it in in your International summer school. As well as English I am also learning French, so, if it is required, I could also help.

     I have no much experience in these kinds of job, nevertheless I love sports. I swim twice a week, I play tennis on the weekend and during the summer I do a lot of trekking. In addition, I have enthusiasm and ability to relate to young people, because I look after my parents aren’t at home.

     I would be grateful if you could send me further details of the job. I enclose my CV. I can be contacted … at any time. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. After the end of the university year I will be available if I am required to come for an interview.
Yours faithfully

Alberto Romero.

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