lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017

Application to the University of Edinbugh


The reason why I’m applying to study in the University of Edinburgh for doing my Erasmus year is because it will be the best opportunity to study abroad that I will ever have again.I chose particularly Edinburgh because the city brings me a lot of good memories and its magnificent university.

Six years ago and also this year I was there, and I can only say that nothing had changed during those years, it was as beautiful as I remembered it (except for the tram obviously). Both times I went with my father’s school for a week to Mackenzie School in Leith in order to improve my English. In the mornings we used to have classes and in the afternoon we took advantage to visit the city, or other cities, such as Stirling.

I also want to study in the University of Edinburgh because it’s considered to be one of the best universities in the UK, which I find really positive for my degree (English Philology). As I’m also studying French and German, I knew that Edinburgh University offers me more possibilities to continue learning them. However, the most important matter why I applied for this city is because I want to improve my English during my Erasmus year in order to be able to pass the exams for the Cambridge Certiicate of Proficiency in English (if it’s possible), which is most relevant for our degree.

IIn this university a high level of marks is required, which I find important in order to be competitive. However, doing the application we found a problem with a subject made specially for visiting students that was perfect for our degree, but that is now unavailable because it’s split up in two parts, I don’t know if it can be possible to change it, as it would be key in our degreeApart from this, I think there is a wide range of subjects to choose among, but I find really interesting those related to the Scottish culture. That's why I would like to attend them.

Finally, I feel that by doing this Erasmus I will improve my career options and give myself an even greater opportunity to work. Moreover, the fact of going to a city that I already know will give me more confidence to adapt myself as soon as possible.