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viernes, 29 de abril de 2016


There are many people who like sports (mostly men, but also women). And most of these people like watching their favourite sports on TV. It’s for this reason that many sportsmen influence young people, but how much influence have they got? Are they a reference for them?

It’s a well-known fact that teenagers like looking like their sporting heroes: having the same haircut, wearing the same clothes and imitating their movements. Therefore, even if sportsmen don’t intend to be a reference for them, they have a lot of influence on them. Because of this, if a sportsman doesn’t behave as well as he should, he gives a bad image to their fans.  However, we also have to think that they are humans and there are moments in which they can behave badly.

Moreover, people usually watch more team sports on TV than other types of sports, so fellowship is also an important fact that young people see when they are watching their idols. Nevertheless, especially in football, we don’t see this fellowship in the biggest teams.

In conclusion, I personally reckon that they should at least try to behave as well as they can, because they are a reference for them. It’s also true that this is also a lot of pressure for them, because they can be distract and even more if their fans also have a bad behaviour towards them: jeer rat them in matches or throw things to them, if they don’t play well.

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