domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

Putin signs law banning smoking in public in Russia

Smoking in Russia

Putin signs law banning smoking

in public in Russia

In the 60's a lot of people used to smoke. A lot of young people used to smoke because they thought that it was cool but, they didn't know the consequences of smoking. They didn't have talks about it, and they didn't know the components of a cigar or a cigarette.

However, nowadays it’s not the same because now, we have a lot of talks about it, even, if we don’t smoke. We also know their components and the diseases that you can have, if you are a heavy smoker. In spite of this, many young people continue doing this, and the problem is that they can’t stop.

The only “good thing” that they have is that if you are a very nervous person, it can relax you, but you are going to like more and more, and this is the big problem. Smokers think that there are others that drink alcohol, or take drugs... and they continue doing that, but this isn’t an excuse. However, there are some doctors that prescribe marijuana because it’s healthier than tobacco and it can relax you.

In conclusion, in my opinion the law banning tobacco in public places is really strict, but I'm in favour of it. However, people have rights, and this can be really unfair for smokers. 

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lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Captain Nemo's dream

Captain Nemo's dream

Cousteau grandson attempts to break underwater record

There are a lot of forms of living, but one year ago someone said me that some Japanese engineers wanted to do houses underwater because, they wouldn't have enough space to build houses. I couldn't believe it, but it was true. I saw it in the news, in spite of this I haven't seen anyone living underwater, except Jacques Cousteau.

On the one hand, I think that living uderwater could be really difficult, because your house can be broken and you could drown. Another important fact is that it would cost a lot of money and not all people could live there. Moreover, you won't breathe fresh air in these types of houses.

On the other hand, it could be an important fact to think about because our planet could be polluted and we must have a place to escape. It could also be really amazing to live underwater for more than a week.

All in all, it's only an experiment, so we can learn how it works and how it will finish, it can finish bad. However, I think that they are lucky to do this experiment, but they have to pay attention to sharks.

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014



The basketball world cup is being held these days in Spain, and our national team has five wins in a row.

Will they be able to reach the final and defeat the American team?

I think that there are a lot of sports that Spain is good at, for example: football,
basketball, tennis, Formula 1, badminton... But I think that our favourite types
of sports are team sports. It’s for this reason that we are good at basketball. We
have six players that play in the best  league in the world (the NBA) and six that 
play in two of the best clubs of our league. 

All people are saying that we can win this time. However, it is really difficult with 
the USA. They have the best league of the world and very good players that have
won the Basketball World Cup a lot of times. 

All in all, we have one of the best players in the world: Pau Gasol. And with him,
his brother, Juan Carlos Navarro..., we are going to put the USA in trouble. 
Spanish people say that the third time is the best to win, and I think I will support
Spain in the Final.

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014



Go ahead and tell everybody. We want to know what are going to be our favourite songs for this summer. 

Here's my hint. What about yours?

A lot of artists write songs in summer because they know that people, especially young people, are going to listen to them during their holidays. Nowadays, I think that music is not as good as it was a few years ago in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I say that because now you can do a song without voice and instruments, only with a computer, and that isn’t good music.

In spite of this, I’ve heard good music this summer for example The Man (Aloe Blacc) or Summer (Calvin Harris)... I don't like all the types of music that I’ve heard this summer, but there are some of them that can be really good. I think that languages are very important in music, because most of my friends only like Spanish music. I don’t say that Spanish music is bad, but we should listen to foreign music, to learn a foreign language, if you want to learn one.