domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Does advertising influence people?

Does advertising influence people?
In Spain, like in a lot of countries, there are many advertisements on TV. Most people think that there are too many advertisements during a film, so they look for alternative ways to watch films, in YouTube, downloading illegally from Internet... However, are these adverts influencing us?

On the one hand, we have channels in Spain, like “Antena 3”, where we can have seven minutes advertising a product. This fact says that they have an influence on people, but the reality is that we don’t usually pay attention to them, and we change the channel. Moreover, the advertisements are usually repeated, so at last we can hate them.

On the other hand, we have other channels in Spain, like “La 1”, where there are no adverts during the film. Instead of this, they advertise their own programmes. Anyway, I’m not saying that all the advertisements are bad, there are some of them that are good and influence in our lifestyle, like the adverts of Coke.

All in all, I think people are looking for other ways to watch films without adverts. It’s for this reason that TV should improve in this aspect, because adverts can influence in our lifestyle, but if we don’t watch films on TV, they won’t affect us.

jueves, 16 de abril de 2015



England and Wales are two of the four countries that form part of the UK. In spite of this fact, there are many differences between them and all of them have the same king. They are a bit different in their culture, language and music. But, why are they different?

Before Romans arrived in England, in Britain there were Celts and Britons. However, when Romans arrived, Britain became part of the Roman Empire. However, they didn’t conquer all Britain, because the Welsh and Scottish resisted. So, Wales and Scotland developed their own language and culture. In the 13th century England conquered Wales, but the people of Wales still have their own identity and they didn’t want to become part of England. And it’s for that reason that they formed the UK, Which consists of four different countries or regions.

Wales has its own language: the Welsh, which is very difficult to study, but which is spoken by half a million of the population. They have another type of culture and music. They also have their own parliament and they don’t get on very well with English people.

I say that they don’t get on well with English people, because this year we have been to Chester and the North of Wales and we have seen all the medieval castles in the North of Wales, when England wanted to conquer Wales. Moreover, now there are some old laws against Welsh people in Chester that haven't been abolished and that sound crazy in our days.