domingo, 7 de junio de 2015

What games do you like playing? Describe them and explain why you enjoy them

What games do you like playing? Describe them and explain why you enjoy them.

Now, I don’t play any special games, because these days we have a lot of devices that can entertain us, like computers and mobile phones, which we can play very different games with. However, when I was younger, I didn’t have any of these devices and I used to play certain table games with my brother and family.

One of my favourite games were cards and I played a lot of times with my brother, especially in the summer, when we used to have more free time. We knew a lot of types of games with cards: “la brisca”, “la ronda”, “el cinquillo”... (Spanish traditional card games). Another game that I really enjoyed with cards was the UNO. In fact, we used to play everyday after having lunch.

                Another game that I used to play with my brother and my dad was “El parchís” and “La oca”. This game is only for four players, but once we had to buy this same game for six players (which also exists) as we were too many. The problem is that it was a never ending game and  we couldn’t even finish it.

                In conclusion, I think that before we used to play more games than now. Nevertheless, I sometimes play them when I’m bored, just to remember them, because I still have fun when I play them and they bring me such good memories to my mind.  And what about you, what are your favourite games that you used to play with?

sábado, 6 de junio de 2015

Would you work as a volunteer for a humanitarian organisation?

Would you work as a volunteer for a humanitarian organisation?

These days we have to take into account too many things before being a volunteer. Nevertheless, there are many different types of volunteers, so it’s not necessary to go to a foreign country or put your life in danger to help other people. Here I would like to write about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this kind of activity.

On the one hand, if I were a volunteer in a charity, I would do my best to help them, but it would be also important to show them how they could do things better on their own. I reckon it is more important to provide them with tools or to teach them the abilities to do things such as growing their own food or getting water easier than just giving  them food and water(providing them with food and water).

On the other hand, the hard conditions that many volunteers have to put up with are too many. You’ll have to be ready to cope with bad weather, poverty and difficult living conditions every day. Moreover, the fact that you are a volunteer and you don’t earn any money is such a big problem if you’ve got a family.

In conclusion, to be a volunteer you have to take into account all these facts. Anyway, I wish one day I could have this experience at least in my town, if I find it too hard to go far away from home, as this activity would probably make me feel really happy.