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miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Michael Schumacher in critical condition after a skiing accident.

In my opinion Michael Schumacher is the best Formula 1 driver in the world and it's very sad what has happened.

In the news it is said that he was going to help another man, who was Scottish but unfortunately he crashed into a rock. I think that if he hadn't had his helmet, he would have probably died. It's for that reason that doctors want to make people wear their helmets all the time they are on the snow tracks. Nowadays he´s in a critical situation and there is not any information that he will get better.

I reckon that Michael was always a man that liked risks, and for that reason he loved dangerous sports. in another piece of news they said that Merkel also had an accident skiing, I think Germans should be more careful with the snow.


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