miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Brazil 2014


What is Brazil famous for?

Brazil is a country in South America. Brazilians speak Portuguese, and they are very famous for two things: Football and favelas. In this comment I want to talk about this and the situation that they have. 

Firstly, they are very famous because most Brazilians live in favelas. Favelas are a type of houses made of wood, they are all very uncomfortable andthey are all built very close. This is because Brazil is so poor

Secondly, they are very famous because of football, and this doesn't mean that they only play football. They are very good at it, for them it is a symbol. This year I think that they will be in the final, because they are playing at home. Because, Spain and England are going to have a relaxing cup of coffee in Plaza Mayor.

All in all, Brazil has to do something with the poverty that they have. And this will take several years.

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