viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

A unique final and a great success for Spain & Madrid!!!

A unique final and a great success for Spain & Madrid!!!
No matter who has won. The most unique thing has been that two Spanish teams and two teams from Madrid have played an incredible math.

On 24th May this year a unique event happened in the world of football, and the record was that two teams from the same city reached the final of the UEFA Champions League. A lot of people think that it could be very possible in other leagues, like England in London (with all the teams that are in London). But, at least it happened in Spain with Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

The match was really exciting,although if you are very nervous, you'd better not watch you shouldn't have watched it, because in the minute 93 R.Madrid scored goal to force the extra-time, with a fantastic goal of Sergio Ramos. At the end Atlético de Madrid was exhausted, so he lost the match. The result was 4-1 for Real Madrid, but I think that the match was closer than what people can think if they only pay attention to the result.

I like Real Madrid, so I wanted Real Madrid to win the match. Although I think that Atlético de Madrid is a good team, this year they have won the league, and that's really difficult. All in all, the two teams were Spanish, and that's the important thing.

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