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Local heroes: James Bond and Robin Hood

Local heroes: James Bond and Robin Hood. Do we have this type of heroes in our everyday life?

There have been many characters in our history like Robin Hood or James Bond that have taught us the good values of life and that have also been local heroes, because they have fought against the rich people that stole money from the poor. Currently, James Bond is still one of these characters that promote this type of values. In fact, soon there will be a new James Bond’s film. However, do we still have this type of heroes in our minds? Have we got a little local hero in our everyday life?

Firstly, it’s a well-known fact that this type of heroes had a lot of influence in the past, because 
there was no TV and no Internet, so to do revolutions against the rich, they needed to believe that a hero like Robin Hood for example, was supporting them in another part of these wars. I don’t know if they really existed, but perhaps it was true that someone did similar things and after his death, he became a myth, even if we couldn’t testify it.

And what do we know about them? Well, Robin Hood was an English archer of the Middle Age who stole the money from the rich and gave it to the poor. It’s said that he was a very kind man and that lived in the wild forest of Nottingham fighting even against the king. Another character is James Bond, or 007, an English secret agent who is the best in his job, because he kills everybody who is ordered to kill. People think that he is the perfect English gentleman because of his look, but in reality he’s a bit womanizer.

All in all, I reckon that before there were more local heroes that people believed in than in our days, because now our politicians are more corrupt and we have fewer local heroes. At least, now we can decide “the king” that is going to steal our money.

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