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Living in the countryside or in a city?

Living in the countryside or in a city?

Nowadays there are a lot of ways of living, you have the possibility to live in a flat or in a house, but there are many different options like living in a boat, in a tree house or even in a cave. However, the most commonly forms are in a flat or in a house. But, is it better to live in a small flat in the city centre or in a little house in the countryside?

On the hand, it’s obvious that living in the countryside is healthier than living in a city, as you always breathe fresh air and you can do many activities outside. Moreover, it’s more relaxing because it’s not as stressful as a busy city.

On the other hand, in the day to day life it’s better to live in a city because now nearly everything is in the city. Therefore, if you live in the countryside you will have to take a car to go to places, polluting more than we should.

All in all, I reckon that it’s better to live in the countryside, if we want a healthy life. In my case I have a little house in the mountains and I like going trekking in summer, especially because of its pure air.

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