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viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

In what ways can ideas of greatness in the The Great Gatsby be linked to the American Dream of 1920s?

The Great Gatsby represents the American Dream in so many ways. After the war American, who had fought, became intensely disillusioned, because of the brutal carnage they had faced. Gatsby was one of them, he represents the cosmopolitanism and cynism that resulted from the war.

Gatsby represents the irresponsibility and the greed of decadent parties every Saturday night where social climbers and ambitious speculators evidence that greedy scramble for wealth. Moreover, The Great Gatsby shows us that marrying someone rich or doing illegal business finally helps fulfil the American Dream. This also shows us that is those years love didn’t exist at all, because people married for money.

To sum up, the American Dream was discovery, individualism and the pursuit of happiness, and also to finally form a family which Gatsby never achieved.

With the collaboration of María Elena Peinado.

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