viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

How many children would you like to have?

How many children would you like to have? 

The Washington Post: Pope says 3 children per family is about right. Catholics don’t need to breed ‘like rabbits.’ 

Some decades ago families used to have more than three children, that was because families were poor and children could work from an early age, so they immediately go to work. However, life has changed since then, these days children must go to school and they can only work if they are sixteen. But, why has he said that?

Firstly, he has said that because in the Catholic religion some Catholic people think that in order to be good Catholics they have to “breed like rabbits”, as Pope Francisco has said. In addition, with the current situation, it isn’t a good moment to have too many children, so I also reckon that he is saying that for this reason.

Nevertheless, Pope Francisco can advise Catholic people what they should do, but he can't force people to have fewer children than the amount they want. I say this, because we are free and nobody can take our rights away. Furthermore, I don’t think that Catholic people are having children as they used to have a few decades ago, so it isn’t a big problem, if it were a problem.

To sum up, it’s true that the regular number of children that we should have are two or three. Although, no one can force us to do what we want to do, because for instance in Europe, where there are not so many births, the population could descend dramatically. 

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