domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

Earthquake in Nepal!

Earthquake in Nepal!

Nepal is a Himalayan country which lies between Tibet, the Republic of China to the north and India to the south. It’s one of the richest countries in terms of bio-diversity, ranging from the mighty Himalayas with Mount Everest at 8,848 m and seven other eight thousanders to sub-tropical forests in the south, within a span of 150 kms. Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, boasts of a large number of world heritage sites and numerous pilgrimage sites to jungles teeming with exotic wildlife.

However, a week ago Nepal suffered one of the worst disasters this year, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which has caused five thousand deaths in the country. Moreover it has devastated the whole country. 

A lot of humanitarian charities are helping all the survivors of this earthquake at this moment. We also have to take into account that the 50% of Nepalese people are children, so it means that they would have more problems to help them. In our school, we are doing a donation to help Nepalese people, we donate 3€ and we can have a photo of Nepal.

In my opinion, it has caused more damage because of the poverty of the country, so they need more help than ever to survive, because the conditions are inhuman. There were some Spanish in Nepal, and they have all returned back, except one person, who unfortunately died. We have to thank everyone who have helped.

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