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How can we contribute to preserve the environment?

How can we contribute to preserve

the environment?

My aim composition is to write about the different forms to preserve the environment. People aren’t really conscious of the negative effects humans can have on the environment. We will find solutions as long as we all become aware of the problem.

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First of all, as I have just said, we need to be conscious of the issue. One of the main problems that we have is that we throw away a lot of rubbish, because we think that afterwards, someone else will come and clean all the streets. And this is an irresponsible action to do when you’re an adult and you have children since you give a terrible example to them. This problem is very common in Spain, so I reckon that we have to change. Another important factor to take into account is that we have to change is the fact that we waste a lot of water when we are having a bath or brushing our teeth, and water is not infinite.

Being aware of the problem and the changes we have to carry out in the way we behave, we can now think about the possible contributions that we could try to preserve our environment. One important thing that we can do is recycling all we can, so as to have the possibility to reuse all the materials we can in the future. For instance, and referring to the case of water, we can have a shower instead of having a bath or using the dishwasher instead of washing up the dishes with your hands because it has been proved that less water is required.

All in all, I think that nowadays we are more conscious about this issue than in the past, because there are more campaigns and protests against big companies (that pollute a lot). Anyway, no solution will be found unless we all make an effort. 

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