miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

HOROSCOPES: Looking to the stars to foretell our future.

HOROSCOPES: Looking to the stars to foretell our future.

Nowadays, a lot of people have depressive problems and they think that medicine doesn't work because they have been taken medicines a lot of time, or they are very credulous and they believe in all types of horoscopes. It's for this reason that this people try to find alternatives like astrology, homeopathy, yoga... And I would say that for example all the people that look their horoscopes are been deceived, because we don't watch the stars in the same place that they are.

In my opinion there a lot of people that are called diviners that prey of other people and that is really unfair. I reckon that we are in a modern society, so that means that we don't think like in the Middle Ages. Now, we don't believe that there women are witches or things like that, we have changed.

However there are alternative medicines like acupuncture, that can you relax if you are really stressed. And with that I say that not all alternative medicines are bad for us. Futhermore there are some people that can't take medicines, so they have to prove alternatives.

In conclusion, if you are an intelligent person, you should think in what you have to do with your money if you were ill. 

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