sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014



Britain has got a lot of culture, because a lot of civilisations have been there. So, unless we have this in mind, we will never understand how the English language developed and why there are so many words of Latin origin in the English language, for example: pedestrian, via, versus.... It’s a well known fact that Romans stayed there for a long time, but what cities did they create and how long did they stay?

However, they left many monuments, cities and examples of Roman architecture in Britain that we can now visit. Last Easter I went to the Roman baths in Bath, they were really interesting. Next year, we are thinking about going to Chester, as long as I have good marks at school. I think that if I go, I will learn more about Roman culture. Moreover, Chester has a lot of beautiful and important monuments that we have to visit too.

In conclusion, Romans left us a lot of culture and not only in Britain. In Spain we have a lot of archaeological remains of the Romans, Muslims, Celts...

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