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MOLLY MALONE, Do you know her?

MOLLY MALONE, Do you know her?


Molly Malone is a popular song set in Dublin (Ireland) which has become the unofficial anthem of Dublin City. The Molly Malone statue in Grafton Street was unveiled by then Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alderman Ben Briscoe during the 1988 Dublin Millennium celebrations, declaring 13 June as Molly Malone Day. 

If you are going to visit Ireland you must see this popular sculpture. This statue called Molly Malone is a symbol for the Dubliners. It's also called “Cockles and Mussels” and it' in the center of Dublin. Molly Malone is the name of the main character of an Irish popular song, it has become the unofficial anthem of Dublin City because there was another one. It was made in 1880 by James Yorkston and it has became in an urban legend.

The song is about a beautiful woman who sold fish in the streets fisherwoman, called Malone. It says that she died in the street, and that she sang very well saying "Fresh cockles and mussels!". They say that she was a shopkeeper in the morning an a prostitute at night.

We are not 100% sure, but it is said that a statue was made in the middle of Dublin in Grafton Street in her memory, and in my opinion it´s a beautiful statue which represents Irish people.

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